Saturday, October 11, 2003

Compare and contrast the following:

America's favorite religious fanatic, Pat Robertson suggested that we nuke the State Department. The State Department's response was to call the remarks "unfortunate", as opposed to how fortunate Robertson is to be a Christian saying those remarks instead of a Muslim.

Meanwhile, the democratically elected President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is getting tired of stuff getting blown up around him as the CIA continues their attempt to oust him. An ally of Chavez is calling on US legislators to open any CIA files on Venezuela .

Says Chavez's ally: "Let them declassify the secret documents on CIA involvement and their financing of undercover activities during 2002-2003 because we have hard evidence that the terrorist attacks were planned" .

This is all happening because Chavez is left wing, for one, and also he funnelled Venezuela's oil money away from international interests into efforts to build his own nation. As we've already witnessed, George Bush's handlers don't like having oil out of their control.

As an added bonus, it turns out that the CIA operatives involved were trained in Florida , which as you may recall is where the 9/11 hijackers learned how to fly.

Love this quote: "Shapiro responded by claiming that the training of terrorists on US soil 'is not necessarily a crime'. He asserted that the US government is in the process of collecting information and we must follow all legal procedures."

The mind boggles....


We interrupt this blog for a special announcement:

I'm starting my own PC upgrade/repair biz.

Anyone in the Pittsburgh area needing some work done can shoot me an email.

*end shill mode*

Quite a day for the Bush Team, it was.

First Punxatawney Cheney comes out of his hole to announce we're all gonna die .

Then Bush decides that since the whole regime change thing worked so well in Iraq that we need to do it to Cuba as well.

Someone needs to tell them the way to curb global terrorism is to stop screwing with other countries.

Oh yeah, Rumsfeld was surprised by the resistance we're getting in Iraq. Guess thats part of the reason Condi's in charge now.

In a surprise to no one, Rush Limbaugh admitted he has a drug problem. Schadenfreude aside, addiction is a bitch and I hope he gets clean. I also hope that after going thru the hell of detox, he'll have a little more sympathy for the drug addicts he used to bash on his radio show.


Thursday, October 09, 2003

In case you haven't heard, outed oxycontin fan Rush Limbaugh did his show today sounding extremely, how can I put it, sluggish . Withdrawl? Drunk? All we know for sure is that dittoheads will claim its all a conspiracy by the liberal media.

Dear Florida,

Sorry about all those jokes in 2000, you really aren't that much of an embarrassment after all.

The 48 other states.


Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Well this should be good. Arnold gets to be the TOTAL GOVERERNORATOR, so now what does he do?

Now he has to run the state.


By the way, lawmakers here in PA want to play in the recall sandbox too:

"Unlike California, Pennsylvania currently has no procedure to recall a sitting governor.

But an effort to change that could be in the offing, fueled in part by dissatisfaction on the part of some Pennsylvania lawmakers with the current governor.

Stephen Miskin, spokesman for House Republicans, says there is talk of drafting recall legislation:

"There are members of the House of Representatives that are looking at the feasibility of a recall. To them, the issue is credibility."

The problem with Governor Rendell, Miskin says, is his efforts to advance his agenda."

Damn those Democrats wanting to advance their agendas. Clearly they pose a threat to national security.

(Above quote taken from this page )


Heh, it seems some of the Arnold-maniacs are voting "Yes" for him, but forgetting to vote "Yes" on the recall question at the top of the page. It sounds too good to be true that they could be done in by their own stupidity, but this gives them an easy out if the recall loses...."Waaaah, our votes for Arnold didn't count because we forgot to answer the recall question!"


You know, I was just sitting here thinking about my best friend since kindergarden. I've known the guy for almost 20 years, and currently he's a Specialist in the United States Army. I'm thinking about all those gung-ho war types who accuse anyone who's anti-war of not supporting the troops. I'm thinking of all the people who perpetuate the myth that the squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is any sort of military hero instead of the dimwitted deserter chickenshit that he is. I'm thinking of how the party that turned "Support the Troops" into a club to beat liberals with repeatedly cut Veteran's benefits. I'm thinking of how this administration uses US troops as playtoys in the game of PNAC-sponsored Risk.

I'm thinking none of them are best friends with a Specialist in the army....


Monday, October 06, 2003


So the recall election is upon us, and doesn't it just make the perfect statement on the level of political science in this nation when a movie star with a womanizing past has a real chance of winning this thing.

What's worse is it wouldn't be the first time.....



Not to sound like Andy Rooney, but........

Didja ever notice that Republicans seem to have a Force-like ability to dismiss any and all charges and scandals against them, even if they dwarf scandals and charges that they hoot and holler about when a Democrat is involved?

To wit:

The Clintons were involved in a real estate deal in Arkansas, clearly something that needs investigating.

The Bushes are eyeball deep in the oil industry... and those ties helped bankrupt California, write our energy "policy", and provided the most likely motivator for invading Iraq. So obviously nothing's amiss here. Hell lets keep the Vice President's meetings with energy companies secret too.

Bill Clinton had several adulterous yet consensual sexual encounters, which result in a multi-million dollar investigation and an independent Counsel report that reads like a Harlequin romance novel.

Arnold had several unwanted sexual harassment encounters, which result in him becoming the frontrunner in the race for governor of California.

Bill Clinton applies for a student deferment from the Vietnam War, then decides to enter the draft but gets a number not likely to be called for service. This gets him the label of draft dodger.

George W. Bush gets a spot in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War thanks to daddy, but he goes AWOL for a year the same time the military begins mandatory drug testing. This gets him labeled a war hero because he stuffs a sock in a flight suit and sits in the back seat while a real pilot lands a plane on a carrier.

Must be nice when you're a part of the Party of Personal Responsibility


Welcome to my blog, and the first entry therein.

What to expect here? Well for one, a lot of stuff you won't hear on Fox News.....or in other words, the truth.



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