Saturday, October 18, 2003


Are the cracks in the armor starting to show?

The 2003 George H.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Public Service went to......Ted Kennedy.

Yep, the guy who came out and called W's Iraq policy a lie made up in Texas is getting an award from the father of the man he criticized.

Its been an open secret that the Messers George Bush didn't always get along, but there's mounting evidence that their makeup was just a front for the press.

In other news, after Dick Cheney came out of his hidey hole to annouce that we're all gonna die soon, yet another "Osama" audio tape surfaced. Its almost like it was on cue.

At this rate, Osama will have released more post-mortem tapes than Tupac.


I love how Fox News "debates" with any liberals: Ask a question, don't let them answer, then say "see, you can't give proof, you're just a Bush hater who can't provide an answer".

As my one friend likes to say, beautimous!

The sad part is, the drones who watch and parrot Fox News try to use this tactic in their own attempts to "discredit the librualz", and it doesn't usually work for them like it works for Hannity and Colmes


Friday, October 17, 2003


You know, I don't like to discuss religion, since it's obviously a touchy subject with a lot of people. Its also easy to dismiss what I say as bitterness since I'm what's politely called a "lapsed Catholic"...but having a General saying stuff like Muslims worship an "idol" who "isn't a real God" whole going on about the US being a Christian nation fighting Satan.....its freaking silly.

Grown men in position of power fighting over who's invisble man is better.

Absolute insanity.

Thursday, October 16, 2003


You know, I think we all can agree Karl Rove is the man behind the curtain at the White House. Hell, most conservatives don't even argue this point much.

Having said that, can us on the left quit being so paranoid about Rove?

The things that people claim he had a hand in doing are just silly.

I really don't think Karl Rove is worried about infiltrating message boards and whatnot.

Sometimes I think the left helped create the Rove Mystique by blaming him for everything under the sun...


I'm purposely avoidng any coverage of the Kobe circus, because if OJ taught us anything it's that justice is a commodity to be bought and sold.

Having said that, anyone else disgusted by the defense that since Kobe's accuser may have had sex with someone else, then she must just be a loose whore and wasn't raped?

For those keeping score at home:

Tommy Chong: sold bongs over the internet, got 9 months in Federal Prision

Rush Limbaugh: Allegedly had about 40,000 illegally obtained pills, will most likely not face any charges and get away with just going to rehab.

Damn those liberals and their lax drug laws.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Heh, apparently the people from Free Republic who troll at DU caught wind of a post that spelled out how Jim Robinson is basically fleecing the Freepers with their latest pledge drive.

JimRob claims it costs $260,000 a year to run FR, which if you've seen its archaic format, is obviously inflated just a tad.

This seems to have sparked a mini-revolt by some of the higher thinking Freeps who can add 2 and 2 and realized that their donations are used to line JimRob's wallet.

It does lend some hope, if they can see JimRob is stealing from them, maybe they'll see Bush is too...

Monday, October 13, 2003


So I'm still debating with right wingers, and its easy to see how they've been programmed for certain key phrases.

For example, right wingers will always try to blame everything on Clinton, just like Rush and Fox News tells them to, yet when faced with the proper debunking they have no reply.

None. Not even name calling.

They usually try to act like nothing happened and continue to use the talking point you disproved with someone else.

It's not unlike the Borg from Star Trek. You keep debunking the same talking point so often and eventually they just start to ignore it.

I've been engaging in one of my favorite hobbies today, debating with rabid right wingers.

I like to see how long it takes them to dissolve into fits of childish name calling, and sadly they just don't seem to make right wingers like they used to.

I guess the fall of their God and Savior Rush combined with Bush's continual failings are making it hard for them.


So as you probably have heard, the Bush Administration has taken the time honored GOP tactic of "astroturfing" (sending out a single letter to the editor to multiple papers to create the illusion of support for Bush) to new heights by sending copies of the same letter to newspapers, with different servicemen's names signed to it .

Not surprisingly, one of the papers that ran the letter was my local Scaife rag: The Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

on edit: I sent an email to the Editor of the paper that ran it (it was actually the Connellsville offshoot paper) if they ran or planned to run a correction. I await a reply.


Sunday, October 12, 2003


Quick note to Rush Limbaugh and the and the dork who writes for the WSJ Opinion page : Mentioning DemocraticUnderground will only cause your readers to visit the site and see how many lies you tell.

I'm just sayin', if you're gonna be engaging in smear tactics, don't point everyone towards a site where you get disproven.

This worries me.

My college paper has a section where they ask random people a question about world affairs, and admittedly since this is a Community College, sometimes the answers are a little less than stellar.

Still, this shocked and saddened me.

The question was "Do you think US taxpayers should pay the $87 billion needed to reconstruct Iraq?"

One reply was "Heck no! They started it [meaning 9/11]. I'm in the Army and I wouldn't want to help those people [Iraqis]."

Silly me, I thought helping those people are what we were supposed to be doing over there.


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