Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I orignally posted this over on the Understanding Politics forums, but it deserves reposting here too:

Sad commentary on what the GOP cares about on display

In Congress tonight, the GOP plans a marathon filibuster over the 4 appointees that the Dems won't rubber stamp instead of debating over real issues.

"We only wish they would devote the kind of attention they are to these 30 hours to the matters that the American people care most about," said Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota.

"They care a lot about the fact that 3 million of them don't have jobs. They care a lot about the fact that their health insurance is rising by more than 15 percent a year."

Its amazing, the Dems have given the GOP pretty much everything they want, including 98% of the judges Bush nominated, yet the right still has to have their bitchfest over not getting the most repugnantly right wing appointees forced down their throats.

The message is clear, the GOP won't be satisfied until every Dem in Congress is has his or her cheeks spread and acting thankful for the opportunity to be cornholed by the right wing.

This passage from the CNN story sums it up perfectly:

"Because Senate rules require agreement from both sides to quickly confirm a nominee, the GOP cannot force a confirmation vote as long as a Democrat is present on the floor to object.

But if they fall asleep or stop paying attention, the GOP will immediately confirm the nominees, said Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

"They're forewarned: If the floor is not protected, the vote will be" called, Santorum said. "We are going to do everything we can to do what they're doing, ratcheting up the intensity on this issue."

I don't like to be vulgar when discussing politics, but how fucking childish is this? As if it wasn't embarrassing enough having Rick "Homophobic Assclown" Santorum representing me, he has to be the spokesgoof for this complete waste of taxpayer money.


A few notes on media relations:

1. The Globe sunk to new lows, even by tabloid standards, by putting the name and photo of Kobe's accuser on the cover. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet I had already come across her name, but I certainly wasn't expecting to see it announced from the tabloid rack at K-Mart.

2. The right wing is in full ass cover mode over the unraveling of the Jessica Lynch: Hero story. Even Jessica herself is calling bullshit, and now the offical right wing talking point on the issue is that it's all the media's fault. Yeah, it's certainly not at all connected to an administration hoping to use a innocent looking white girl to gain support for their illegal war.

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