Thursday, January 01, 2004


Happy 2004, folks.

Here's some fun New Year's tidbits:

Right wing nuts list their favorite quotes from DU. This is becoming more common closer we get to Election 2004, as the tighty righties continue to try to paint sites like DU as the loon fringe of the left. Keep in mind that as someone who's been around DU for over a year now, these posts are both taken out of context and in no way representative of DU's views.

In the new Rolling Stone, Toby Keith goes back to his "Boot in Your Ass" mindset after reports came out that perhaps he was having second thoughts about the Mess O Potamia in Iraq. Toby is in full Bush Storm Trooper mode as he denies doubting the war, and that he's "150 percent pro-troop"...illustrating just how successful the Bush Team has been in welding support of the troops with supporting the illegal actions of the administration. He almost seems *too* pro-war, as if he knows things don't add up but he doesn't want to face the same backlash he caused the Dixie Chicks to face from the Unthinking Right and Corporate Radio.


Tuesday, December 30, 2003


I love the new Right Wing Talking Points about Howard Dean.

For the record, I'm a Anyone But Bush guy (and I have the shirt to prove it), but some of this stuff being said about Dean is just silly.

So as a public service I present your handy Right Wing to Truth translator for the new Dean bashes.

"Dean represents the angry fringe of the Democratic Party" = "Dean isn't like the wimpy Dems who roll over and let Bush pass whatever he wants without question"

"Dean makes wild claims about Bush that embarrass his party" = "Holy shit, someone might hear him and realize the Bushes have economic ties with damn near everyone we're currently at war with"

"Dean doesn't think capturing Saddam makes us safer" = "Pay no attention to that Orange Terror Alert and all those armed guards at your New Year's Party"

"Why aren't the Democrats upset this guy might represent the party in 2004?" = "Dammit, why can't you lefties run a Repub-in-Dem-Clothing like Lieberman so we can have an easy win?"

Now I don't know if Dean will win in 2004, in a perfect world people would know the full story about Bush (being AWOL, PNAC, ties to failures like Enron that cost tons of money) and a trained monkey would beat him. Also in a perfect world, we'd be more aware of the fact that Diebold -who owns the highly insecure electronic voting machines- is owned by a Republican who pledged he'd deliver votes for Bush.

Sadly that darned liberal media neglects to report these things as they're too busy telling us about Michael Jackson or Scott Peterson.


If you've been unlucky enough to wander past AM radio lately, you've been beating about the head and shoulders about how the economy is improving.


Oh yeah, they announced today that the City of Pittsburgh is broke as a joke.

Of course its all Democrats fault, unless they're talking about the Republican-run state legislature then it's just "the lawmakers' fault" with no party mentioned.

Remember too, in the afterglow of Arnoldmania they tried to pass a bill to allow recall of the Governor in PA. I'm getting the sneaking feeling that Rendell's getting set up.


Monday, December 29, 2003


OK, I'm going to try to keep things updated again. I think things should be settled enough now to once again try to get into a posting routine.

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