Saturday, January 10, 2004


"Everyone Knew He Had Them"

That's the new mantra from the right about WMDs. A local radio show host went batshit today because someone dared to call in and say Bush lied to the people. The radio show host claimed that everyone who opposed the war (Germans, French, Russians, UN) know Iraq had WMDs, and I guess he thinks they opposed the war to be trendy or something. I mean, everyone did think Iraq had WMDs up until Gulf War I when we bombed the snot out of them and placed UN sanctions on them that pretty much made Iraq a third world country.

The recent discovery of the "Notepad of Mass Destruction" only further embarrassed the administration since it pretty much proved that Iraq only had sketchy plans at best for weapons.

The right wing better adjust to the concept: Bush and his crew lied to the people.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Today Arkansas executed a man convicted of murdering a woman during a robbery.

Big deal, you say. He was a murderer and got what he deserved.

He also was a paranoid schitzophrenic who was only able to be executed because of the medication he was on for the disease.

If executing the mentally ill doesn't disturb you, perhaps a personal inventory is in order.


Monday, January 05, 2004


Well, Britney got drunk and hit a quickie wedding chapel in Vegas.

As expected, the annullment process is already underway.

Yet we still get told that gays pose a threat to the sanctity of marriage.


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