Friday, February 13, 2004


Just a note to any conservative lurkers: The National Enquirer and Matt Drudge are not reliable sources. Therefore, bitching about the national media outlets not reporting a story broken by a tabloid and a hack web dork doesn't mean there's a great conspiracy out there.

Hell I didn't even believe the Rush drug addict stories when the tabs ran them until I saw it in the New York Post, so it's no partisan bias on my part.


Thursday, February 12, 2004


Your Thought To Ponder of the day:

If the main argument against gay marriage now is "Government is imposing its will on the people", then why does it matter if you aren't gay?

If you're straight then your will isn't being imposed on. It won't make *your* hetero marriage void. It does put a bit of a pinch to homosexuals who would like to share the same rights as everyone else, but for some reason that "imposes on the will of the people".

I guess its just another example of wacky conservative thinking, which previously has brought things like:

Men telling women that they shouldn't have the right to control their own bodies.

Whites telling blacks that they wouldn't be so poor if they stopped being lazy and got a job (just don't apply to work at a place *we* own).

Christians telling atheists that not accepting Christain beliefs means that you'll burn in hell. Hell of course being a Christian belief. No belief = no hell.

and now we have heterosexuals telling homosexuals that allowing them to marry would cause problems, yet keeping gays in second-class citizen status is what allows problems to ferment in the first place.


Monday, February 09, 2004


Back again after another busy week.

Where to start?

Well Bush is still sounding like the puppet he is as he tries to put some sort of postive spin on all their war propaganda falling apart around them. You can almost see Karl Rove behind the curtain frantically pulling levers.

We've got Massachusetts saying civil unions wouldn't be enough, only full marriage rights would be constitutional for homosexuals. I still haven't heard an argument against gay marriage that doesn't refer back to tired old religious bullshit. Bottom line is there's a lot of things the Bible's okay with that aren't acceptible now, and there's a lot of things the Bible's against that we're fine with. Either accept the Bible in full and stop wearing cotton clothes, or realize the Bible's just a collection of stories written over 2,000 years ago in order to keep the common folk in line by having them live in fear of offending the invisible boogieman.

I don't know what's up with John Kerry being so defensive about his view on gay marriage. Maybe him saying he has the same views as Dick Cheney was supposed to remind people that Cheney has a lesbian daughter. I applaud Kerry for not only refusing to fall for the GOP plan to make gay marriage the main issue of the election, but for also calling bullshit on them for even trying.

We also have Bush's military record popping up again, as the Bushites are pooping their pants at the prospect of having the one thing Bush can run on (being the All-American WAR PRESIDENT~!) get tarnished by having people find out he couldn't be bothered to get his required physical and not complete his duty.

To paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow: Like it or not, Bush was AWOL at best, and a deserter at worse. Neo-cons are just going to have to square with that some day.


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