Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Back to the blog for the Oscar recap:

LOTR won everything. The End.

It may have made for boring TV, but it deserved every award it won. I'm not even a so called LOTR "nerd", I just know good movies when I see 'em.

Back to politics, the new Offical GOP Smear is that John Kerry's a flip flopper.

See, once the right wing stakes a position on something, they never change their mind no matter what facts may pop up that suggest their view may not be correct. Kerry had two issues where facts became apparent that his original views merited a second look. He went to Vietnam and saw what happened, so he decided to protest the war when he returned so no one would have to experience what he did. He backed the recent Iraq War based on what Bush told Congress. Of course that ended up being mostly wrong, so Kerry spoke out against the war.

Flip flop indeed.


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