Monday, April 05, 2004


This is in response to a thread I was in on a message board, I wrote this to reply to a couple of well meaning Pro Lifers:

Birth control fails. Condoms break. Committed boyfriends/husbands suddenly disappear once pregnancy occurs. In short, shit happens. In a perfect Utopia world, everyone ignores their base urges and waits to have sex until they are married with a job that can support having children.

Here's my take: if you don't approve of abortion, don't have one. Of course that brings to light that the vocal Pro-Lifers tend to be.......male. Having abortion legal doesn't mean that women who don't want them are dragged to the Liberal Socialist Corner Abortionist.

I consider it the same as gay marriage in the sense that making it legal doesn't do a damn thing to people who aren't for it. Keeping abortion legal means that those who wish to have it as an option can do so. Making it illegal only effects those who wished to have the option. Either way, pro lifers aren't having abortions. That isn't satisfactory for pro-lifers, since they want their will imposed on the people just like those wacky "Activist Judges" with gay marriage.

Also, the Pro-Life crowd in general rub me the wrong way by saying "you have to have this child no matter what" then being against any social program that might help the child once its born. It gives the impression that once the fetus is born, these people don't care what happens to the child. I know not every Pro-Lifer is like that, but if you're me and you have a holier-than-thou pompous gasbag like Rick Santorum who always touts his pro-life, pro family stance (complete with dragging out his Stepford wife and 47 kids for ads every election year) yet he votes against any program that can help families and/or children.


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