Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I did this a while ago, but I think another round is needed:

Right Wing Buzzwords Defined, Part II

far left = People who don't accept George Bush as their savior.

independent (in context of people who constantly mention they are neither liberal or conservative) = Conservative, but not afraid to chastize Bush for 5 minutes before flogging every liberal under the Sun. See also: O'Reilly, Bill.

Secularist = Someone who doesn't want a Christian theocracy installed in America.

Secularist Agenda = The evil plan of destruction that includes respecting non Christian faiths and not discriminating against homosexuals.

"Jealous of America" = Refers to countries tired of the swaggering John Wayne manner in which America under GW Bush handles world affairs. Since the US is the BESTEST NATION IN THE WORLD, those other nations are clearly jealous America haters.

Elite Media, Liberal Media = Used to slander media not worshipful of Republican policy, in actuality there's only a handful of media outlets not owned by right wing Republican corporations.


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