Tuesday, June 01, 2004


You know, it's one thing for Bill O'Reilly to attack George Soros on political grounds. I mean, obviously as an independant (who always seems to side with Republicans), it's wrong for people to spend lots of money to influence Presidential campaigns (unless its from large media corporations), but for him to smear Soros by attacking his view on assisted suicide is sick.

In short, Soros's father had some sort of terminal disease and it led him to wish there was a legal way to end his father's pain. His dad insisted on soldiering on, which troubled Soros. On his radio show today, O'Reilly twusted it to make it sound like the man wanted his father dead.

You know, I really hope Bill never has a loved one in the end stage of terminal disease, because if he did, seeing what folks who support assisted suicide have to see might make his sheltered world crash around him. For chrissakes, if your dog or cat gets cancer everyone knows the humane thing is to put it to sleep to end the suffering. If Gramma gets cancer, we keep her hooked up to machines for months so we don't have to deal with impending death for a little bit longer.


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