Thursday, June 10, 2004

I hate devoting so much time to Lying Liars like Bill O'Reilly, but he really needs to be put in his place, so as such I present to you the following.

The real No Spin on O'Reilly:

Had strict parents, which played a large role in him becoming such a douchebag as an adult.

Continues to lie about his upbringing, which was decidedly more posh than his "man of the people" gimmick would allow. He even went to private school.

Has a low opinon of women, his female co-host on his radio show is only there to be his verbal punching bag.

Paranoid, thinks anyone not as religious as him is on a covert mission to destroy society with heathen-ness. If you don't subscribe to a Judeo-Christian religion, you're an evil "secularist".

Got his radio show carried nationwide by giving it to lower-watt AM stations for free, and despite him saying its a success it regularly gets trounced in the ratings.

When someone points out just how often he's wrong, he goes into an embarrassingly childlike tantrum. (Case in point, Fox News suit against Al Franken was only filed because O'Reilly reportedly had a massive hissyfit to the Fox News brass)

Once cut the mike off of a 9/11 victim's family member because the guy was saying less than flattering things about GW Bush.

Ego has grown to the point where he thinks his childish boycotts on countries who don't support Bush will actually damage those nation's economies. (He's been threatening to completely ruin Canada....)

Continues to claim he's an Independent despite being a registered republican up until a few years ago (not as if that's a shock considering he views 55 minutes of bashing liberals and 5 lightly scolding conservatives as being "fair and balanced")


Sunday, June 06, 2004


Well, Ronald Reagan died the other day.

There's not much to say other than an old man is finally free of a terrible disease, one that others must suffer a similar fate from because the President (who people compare to Reagan) puts religion ahead of science.

A husband and father has died, and as a former President, the man deserves the respect of us all, even those that didn't agree with his worldview.

Having said that, let us also not forget that the seeds of what we're sowing now were planted by this man. Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were our allies, armed with the very weapons used as justification for invasion now.

Reagan was the symbol of the 1980s Greed is Good culture, the crash of 1987 has seemingly been erased from history by those who believe George Bush's revival of Reaganomics is good for anyone not in the upper tax brackets.

So show respect that a former President passed away, but don't allow the whitewashing of a man just as responsible for the 800+ dead US soldiers as anyone in the current administration.


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