Thursday, July 01, 2004


........and I'm back.

It is amazing indeed how much work a tax office gets when school districts need their shit done by the end of June to get state money.

So, has everyone seen Farenheit 9/11? I have and I think it's Moore's best effort yet.

Despite conservative claims to the contrary, Moore does have his facts documented (you can go to michaelmoore.com and read them all) so all the "we've proven this movie wrong" BS is just that, BS. Bushmaniacs can't handle the fact that the cat is out of the bag and it's driving them bonkers.

Is is one sided? Hell yeah it is. The feeling conservatives get after watching this film is what us lefties feel after watching Fox News, or listening to Rush...or Hannity...or Savage...

I think what really scares the right is that this film is making the statement that the left isn't going to take their shit anymore. Too long we've been cast as the wimps who let the GOP Attack Machine tear us to bits and then apologize for making them break a sweat. This time it's the right wing getting kicked in the teeth and they don't know what to do.


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