Monday, July 26, 2004


DU Post of the Day, courtesy of Blue-Jay:

Listen, RW Fuckos - Screaming "Bush-Bash" means that you are unable to defend your position. You can't think of a SINGLE GODDAMN reason to support your guy, so you try to play the victim. Oh, poor you. Poor Shrub. Face it; you're giving support because your voting strategy is "Well....at least he ain't a Democrat".

That's IT! That's all you have!

Defend your guy if you're so goddamn smart. Tell us how he promotes smaller government. Tell us how he spends OUR money responsibly. Tell us how his stance on illegal immigration is "conservative". Tell us about state's rights regarding legislation on gay marriage. (Cheney supported it, BEFORE HE WAS AGAINST IT - flippity floppity floo!) Tell us how the (gag) "Bush Doctrine" saved us from the evil Iraqi war machine.

Tell us why the "liberated" Iraqis have guaranteed health care, but Amuricans don't. Tell us why we shouldn't buy prescription drugs from Canada (free market and all that...) Tell us about how Bush is against "nation-building". He said so in the 2000 Debates, did he not? (flippity flippity flippity flop!) Tell us why you bash Kerry for voting against several defense-spending bills, while SecDef Cheney was bragging about the money that he saved the country! (floppity-flip!)

Tell us about the wonderfully unfunded mandate of "No Child Left Behind". Tell us about steel tariffs that Bush was for/then against/then for. PLEASE, tell us why Bush is such a good conservative.

Why does he ignore scientific FACTS, in favor of religious claptrap? Make your case.

Make your case, coward! Why is it that presenting facts gets relegated to the "Bush Bashing" dumpster? I'll tell you why. It's easier to avoid an argument than it is to address it.

Defend your man! Do it! Whining that we're only "Bush Bashing" means that you can't think of a reasonable defense.

Yeah. That's what I thought.


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