Monday, August 09, 2004


Do you ever wonder what the election would be like if 9/11 hadn't happened?

Do you think the race would still be 50-50?

Do you remember before 9/11 when everyone (either publicly or privately) admitted Bush wasn't really fit to be President, but what the hell it's only for 4 years?

Do you remember when 9/11 happened how the guy who calmed America's nerves wasn't the President, but the Mayor of New York City?

Do you remember how after sitting like a startled deer for 7 minutes, Bush was scuttled across the Midwest while Rudy (who almost had the damn towers fall on him) spoke to a shattered and shocked nation and told us New York would survive?

Do you remember how after 9/11 we all had to start acting like Bush was fit to lead?

Do you remember how we've spent the last 2 years and 11 months acting like Bush is a brave War President and no one ever doubted his leadership skills?

Do you remember how embarrassing it was to see the President of the United States use an aircraft carrier for a photo op dressed like a 6 year old playing make believe?

Do you remember how you used to respect Rudy for being the glue that held America together in the days after 9/11 until he became a total shill for the man who ran scared that day?

Most importantly, do you remember what it was like having a President you could be proud of, and could be trusted to do what was best for the country rather than what was best for his corporate puppet masters?

Republicans are praying you don't remember any of these things. A lot of folks don't.

Remind them.


Sunday, August 08, 2004


So let's reflect on the past week:

Der HomelandSekurityTag released a scary new TERRA LERT right after Kerry's barn burning DNC speech. They had new info saying targets in NYC, NJ, and DC were going to be hit at any moment.

At the same time, the Statue of Liberty was getting ready to reopen.

Then we find out the scary new info was actually from BEFORE 9/11, which gives its warnings of targets in NY and DC a certain "no shit" quality.

Now Tom Tomorrow's guest blogger Bob Harris reports that Der Homeland department is planning to turn September into "Scare your Kids Shitless Month" in order to further hammer home the new Bush campaign slogan, "Vote for me if you want to live".



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