Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I've been putting off this post because I know no matter how I say what I want to say, someone's gonna be offended by it.

For the record, I have nothing but respect for military folks, hell my family's been represented in almost every war this nation's ever fought back to William Dawes who rode with Paul Revere.

Having said that, the level of worship soldiers get in this country is disturbing.

Now let me explain, there's a difference between respecting people who do a dangerous job and elevating them to a godlike status that is used as an atomic bomb in conversations as a point you can't refute or risk looking like a "troop hater".

Policemen have dangerous jobs, and it's perfectly fine to suggest that not all cops are good honest folks. Sure, the vast majority are, but the idea of a dirty cop is at least a subject people can broach in conversation. Try doing that about a soldier, even in the post Abu Ghareb world. We have photographic proof that they all aren't infallable supermen, but the idea of bad soldiers is still not mentionable.

Lets face it, the whole reason those lying swiftboat veterans are making shit up about Kerry is that they are mad he said there were atrocities committed in Vietnam.

Guess what, there were. Look up My Lai case if you want proof. Was every US soldier doing horrible things? Of course not. But some were, and until we admit that these are human beings in these uniforms and not Marvel superheroes, we won't be able to have an honest political discussion.

Troops are people, and people sometimes do fucked up things. Holding everyone in uniform up to an impossibly high standard only leads to anger when you realize some fall short.


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