Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Man O man, just when I think I should lay off O'Reilly for a while he keeps giving me more ammo.

The other day he had the most interesting theory on why the US always wins the most medals in the Olympics.

See, the US dominates the Olympics cause we abuse the poor. Them socialist countries (Canada and Western Europe) coddle their poor so they don't have the drive needed to win gold medals.

Of course, let's not remember one of the biggest powerhouses in Olympic history was the USSR, and China's teams are getting better every year. Cuba's boxers were impressive too. Not to mention those socialists do pretty good in the Winter Games.

And lets also not remember that the US team gets big time money and gear from all the athletic apparel companies like Nike and Reebok when some countries can barely afford to give their athletes a pair of shoes.

Last week Bill said "No one calls me a liar!" I'm sure he sprayed spit when he said it too.

Guess what Bill, you're a liar. LIAR. Deal with it. When you try to spin the Olympics into another attempt to smear the poor (who you always claim to be looking out for) you are offically a no-respect liar.

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