Wednesday, September 29, 2004


So I went to a Native American Pow Wow last weekend, and I took the opportunity to conduct a little experiment. I wore my "Anyone but Bush, President 2004" shirt to see what the reaction would be. It's funny really...most Native Americans are liberal by nature (their belief system is based heavily on the environment) but non-Native Americans who like to wear Native garb and symbols tend to be the stereotypical "boot in yer ass" Harley crowd. Needless to say, I was curious on what reaction I would get.

Turns out I had no reason to worry, as I was one of the more popular folks in the crowd. I had several people complement my shirt, one lady even wanted to shake my hand. It only furthers my hypothesis that there are far more liberal minded folks than the talking heads on TV and radio would lead you to believe. I have a feeling that if everyone who feels they have no voice would speak up, they'd find there's a lot more of them than they think.


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