Wednesday, October 27, 2004


O'Reilly's crying is getting embarrassing (even for him).

I admit, I listen to his radio show because I want to keep up with the other side and he's the only right winger I can tolerate for more than 5 minutes.

Lately his show has been dominated with nonstop whining and crying about how Kerry won't do his show and how mean the "elite media" is to him. It's driving him bonkers that Kerry went on the Daily Show rather than face Bill's personal ego nest. Bill's now doing "Almost Kerry" interviews where he invites people who have no idea about Kerry's position on his show so he can pummel them with questions they couldn't possibly answer (about Kerry's personal feelings on issues) so he can look like a big tough guy who scared Kerry away.

Of course his other punching bag is the "elite media", which encompasses everyone who's ever said anything bad about him. He made a comment today on how the media is bashing his "O'Reilly Factor for Kids" as if the media has an anti-kid agenda, when the truth is his book is a dull piece of crap. I'm sure there wasn't a huge call among the 9-16 market for a middle aged, splotchfaced, sexual harrasser to give them life lessons.

Clue Phone for Billo: Sometimes its not all about a personal agenda, sometimes what you churn out is just crap.


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